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Leading Quality Trail Europe – Kullaleden

20131013_124554webbIt can be hard to choose among all the attractions available in and around the Kullaleden hiking trail. But what is for sure is that there is something for everyone! Kullaleden above all includes the beautiful hiking trails around Kullaberg peninsula. The trail is certified according to the European Ramblers’ Association’s (ERA) criteria for being a Leading Quality Trail.

Hike either from Mölle towards Kullen lighthouse (approx. 1,5 hrs), or a day trip with a picnic lunch from/to Arild (approx 5-6 hrs). Kullaleden is 70 km long, and offers a great variety of experiences along the way. Here you find everything including the medieval city centre of Helsingborg, beautiful views over the strait from the plateau heights, the well-known Sofiero Palace, Kulla-Gunnarstorp and Krapperup Estates, beaches and picturesque seaside villages, and Kullaberg’s dramatic cliff formations.

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