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1. Copenhagen, city of science

Let the idyllic streets of the Latin quarter around the 15th century University of Copenhagen unfold their stories of men of genius and their far reaching scientific discoveries. Brilliant Copenhagen minds have contributed to the advancement of human knowledge: Tycho Brahe was one of  ”the fab four” of astronomy. Hear about the mind-staggering new concepts like the speed of light, electromagnetism and the true meaning of fossils. Niels Bohr, illustrious member of a Nobel-prize dynasty has two chemical elements named after him. So many and more fascinating stories to be told as we visit central Copenhagen from the perspective of history of science.

Duration 2-3 hours

2. The Golden Age and Hans Christian Andersen

The period from 1800 to 1850 is called Denmark’s Golden Age. Nearly all aspects of spiritual life, all art forms and many branches of science blossomed in a way never seen before (or later). It was also the period in which Denmark’s most famous poet, Hans Christian Andersen, lived in Copenhagen and became world famous. Many of the houses from that period still exist and have today been beautifully restored. Therefore it is a pleasure to walk through the narrow streets and have a look at the houses where Hans Christian Andersen has lived.

As the old city is relatively small, a walking tour can start anywhere.

1-2 hours

3. Copenhagen: A Collector’s Paradise

This tour is designed for collectors of all stripes and types. Not just fleamarketers and second hand-shoppers, but also collectors of higher-end merchandise. Individuals will be introduced to shops which cater to their unique interests while groups will be led to shops that cover a broad spectrum. Ideally, groups are 15 persons at most in order to enable interaction and personal attention. Supplementary visits to museums, appraisers, etc. are possible in order to enhance the overall experience. For example, a porcelain collector might want to see the collection in Rosenborg Castle before going out to shop.

4. Copenhagen: Myth, Legend and Scandal

This walking tour assumes that the guest has already covered the standard Copenhagen sights and maybe has an interest in the “people and events” behind the “places”. It gives some flexibility in location and route, but most importantly gives an opportunity to use the many “good stories” accumulated by the guides. Possible topics are Kastellet’s Prisoners; A Royal Triangle: Chr. VII, Struensee and Caroline Mathilde; St. Lucius’s Relic, Grevinde Danner, The Story of Stormgade, Istedgade, Wandering David, Nikolai Kirke and the Witch Trials, HC Andersen Slept Here, Stork Fountain and the Midwives, Absalon and the Christmas Rose, etc.

3 hours

5. The smell of Man, Power and Honour” – a walking-tour  for the “boys”

We will start where the power of Denmark is situated since 1167, when Bishop Absalon founded Copenhagen – Christiansborg Palace Square.

After a closer look at Christiansborg and the surroundings we move further  into the old areas hearing stories about fightings and wars, brewers and beer, sports and other kind of amusements incl. public  punishment etc. J

On this tour you will experience Copenhagen both in a historical and contemporary perspective.

We finish at the City Hall Square close to Tivoli and “Strøget”

2 hours

6. “Hans Christian Andersen and Copenhagen”.

A walking tour starting at the statue on Rådhuspladsen and ending in Nyhavn. On the way, we hear about the life of HCA, see the places he stayed or visited, or where key people he knew lived. A highly popular tour, as many tourists miss being able to visit a HCA museum in Copenhagen. In this way, they get the information they seek.

2 hours

7. “The Monarchy and Art “- a visit to Statens Museum of Kunst. (No entrance fee). A tour through the museum focusing on art supported, initiated, and painted by the Monarchy and the present Royal Family. A background introduction using selected pictures showing the connection of the monarchy to art. The main focus is on Queen Margrethe II’s interest in art, and the modern artists selected by the Crown Prince and Crown Princess to decorate their new home at Amalienborg.

Duration 2 hours

8. The Classic Copenhagen Tour for Foodies:

This is a tour for those who are interested in food and gastronomy but still want to visit  the “must see” places in Copenhagen.

The tour is the classic city tour on a bus nuanced by stories and historical details about food. The tour includes tastings at some local restaurants + some recipes of the danish cuisine as souvenirs

Approx. 1 hour without tastings, 2 hours including  3 stops for tastings

9. Visiting the National Museum with foodies

We will hear some stories about Danish food from the beginning of history. First, we will have a  short introduction to how life was and about food in Denmark in prehistory and

Viking Age. Then, we jump several hundred years ahead to the renaissance when beer consumption reached its top. We will then continue to the exhibition

Stories of Denmark 1660-2000 where we can see the development of eating habits of the Danes up to the present time. The tour will finish with a short presentation about the New Nordic cuisine illustrated by a sampling of snacks . There will also be about 20 min for shopping at the museum store.

Approx. 2 h including 1 h for some food  tasting and shopping

10. A Walkable Feast

For more than a century “Smørrebrød” has been local specialty. These open face sandwiches in ornate style have culinary roots back to the origins of the city. Try tangy herring at the medieval harbor area, delicately spiced meat at Greyfriar’s square, and Danish cheese in a classical city tavern. Fine beer, akvavit and coffee help us along on a leisurely walk where you get historic Copenhagen under the belt.  Different price categories.

Duration 3 hours

11. In Soren Kierkegaard’s footsteps

In the year 2013 is 200 years our famous philosopher and writer Søren Kierkegaard was born in Copenhagen.

The tour is a stroll in Kierkegaard’s Copenhagen with 10 stops. First stop will be K. childhood home (site), and then the trip will focus on the student district with one stop at the church, and college and several of the buildings where he lived.

Each stop is seasoned with quotations from his writings relevant to the location or his life.

Duration 1,5 hours

12. DESIGN & LIFESTYLE Tour: Experience the acclaimed Danish Design at your fingertips.

Visit the House of Danish furniture designer Finn Juhl at Ordrupgaard, passing Danish architectural landmarks getting there: The newly developed Tuborg Nord Estate and Arne Jacobsen’s Bella Vista housing and the Bellevue Theatre built in architectural functionalism style in the mid- 1930’s.

Visit the showroom of Rud Rasmussen at Nørrebrogade featuring works of iconic Danish designers like Kaare Klint, H.J. Wegner and the finest craftsmanship available. The Tour will end at the Royal Hotel, designed by Arne Jacobsen, where refreshments will be available.

Extension I:

Modern Danish design and fashion: A visit to the showroom of Messrs. Hay Østergade 61, Mads Nørgaard Boutique at Amagertorv, Day Birger et Mikkelsen Pilestræde 16, and Henrik Vibskov Krystalgade.

Extension II:

A visit to Design Museum Denmark, Bredgade, featuring Danish furniture design, including modernist Verner Panton and Poul Kjærholm.

Extension 1: + 1 ½ hours       Extension 2: + 1 hour

13. GREAT COLLECTIONS Tour: Indulge in World Art at two impressive Danish Art Institutions.

Visit the Danish State Museum of Art, which is home to great 15th century paintings as well as the latest postmodern Danish artists like Per Kirkeby and Michael Kvium. Stroll across the Østre Anlæg Park to visit the small gemstone, the 100 year old this year Hirschsprung Collection of Art, featuring the 19th century paintings of the Danish Golden Age. A special P.S. Krøyer Exhibition is presently on display  (until April 10th 2012). The main attraction is undoubtedly Christen Købke’s painting “The Landscape Painter Frederik Sødring” – a must-see when in Copenhagen!

Extension I:

For the Ladies: A visit to the Collection og the Crown Jewels at the Vaults of the Rosenborg Castle in the adjacent Kongens Have, the King’s Garden.

2 ½ hours        Extension 1: + 1 hour

14. The BUSINESS TRAVELLER’s Copenhagen.

Denmark is home to quite a few fine Brands, known throughout the World: Maersk, Carlsberg, Lego, Royal Copenhagen

Visit the former Carlsberg Brewery Facility in Valby. See the impressive architecture from the early 20th century and the newly founded “Jacobsen” Micro Brewery, and listen to the story of two great personalities, father and son, Jacob Christian and Carl Jacobsen.

Visit The Royal Opera House at Holmen in Copenhagen, overlooking the Harbour area, including the Maersk Corporation Headquarter. Listen to the story of the A.P. Møller-Maersk Shipping Line, the owner of the World’s largest fleet of container vessels.

Extension I:

Visit the Headquarter of the GN Store Nord, Great Nordic GN at Kongens Nytorv and learn about Carl Frederik Tietgen, industrialist and patron of the Arts. This visit is followed by a visit to the Frederikskirken at Bredgade, the completion of which is owed to this great personality.

Duration 4 hours Extension 1: + 1,50  hours

15. Traditional citytour & Visit at the National Museum  Exhibitions:

Focus on some or all of the following:

  • History of the Vikings: Their crusades, influences and whereabouts
  • On ceremonial traditions during the Bronze age Influence from the South
  • On Greenland, its history and habitats, political facts, future developments

Includes ½ hrs free time for coffee stop or shopping time

Duration 3-4 hours

16. Traditional citytour, visit to the Glyptotek & coffee at the winter garden


Permanent paintings

Egyptian exhibition, Etc.

Focus: on French Impressionism & Danish golden Age , Egyptian history or Greek/Roman sculptures

Visit to the winter garden café

Duration 4 hours

17. Traditional city tour by Bus & visit to “Statens Museum forKunst”

Exhibitions: “Golden Age” & modern paintings

Coffee stop

Focus: Paintings of Denmaks most important Art period “golden Age” & modern Art / the Queens paintings

German guests: German Art

English speaking guests: American/British Art)

Duration 3-4 hours


From the pier you are introduced to Denmark on a harbor cruise that lands you in medieval Copenhagen. At 10 AM, and 1 PM, select from an offering of tours with specialized guides: Hans Christian Andersen Walk, Renaissance Round Tower tour, Royal tour, Museum and Castle Visits, Design or Antiques shopping. Bike riding or Beer tasting. Between tours enjoy lunch in good restaurants where food awaits you on arrival. All is handled at our tour centre, which also offers wardrobe service. At the end of the day a bus takes you around the final sites of the city before returning to pier (tour may be operated in reverse order).

Duration 7 hours

19. Horror and Joke in the Assistens Cemetary

The Assistens Cemetary is situated only 2 km from the City. It is the most famous and most beautiful cemetery in Denmark, where many celebrities are buried, such as the Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen and the nuclear physicist Niels Bohr.Many stories can be told about people there – horrifying as well as funny. The same goes for the gravestones there, when you look at them.An entertaining walking tour of about 1½ hours.

Duration 1.5 hour

20. Neighborhood walking tour Nørrebro

Experience Nordic city living in this old workers quarter close to central Copenhagen. You’ll find smart shops in , a varied and lively street life and green oases among the old houses. The scenery changes every couple of hundred meters, as evidence of a history filled with drama. The tour ends by Assistens Graveyard, with the tomb of Hans Christian Andersen. Refreshment at local park or café is included.

Duration 2 hours

21. Örestad – 3 possible tours

 1) Örestad Nord, buildings, architecture, nature, canals, university and colleges

2) Örestad City, architecture, educational center, shopping

3) Örestad Syd, spectacular housing (the “Number 8”  by Bjarke Ingels), other houses, canals, lakes, hike to the Nature Center Vestamager.

The tours can be combined. The tours are walking tours, using public transportation or shuttle bus.

Target audience: People with interest in architecture, planning and nature.

Approx 2 hours per tour

22. Christianshavn and Holmen

1) Nyholm. Navy’s old harbor with fascinating buildings over the centuries.

2) Holmen. The new opera, gunboat shacks, modern homes, the transformation of old buildings. Unique and charming environment in the old port.

3) Christianshavn. Chr 4, canals, churches and magnificent courtyards behind the old houses.

4) A walk along Christianshavn’s fortifications and through Christiania.

The tours can be combined. The tours are walking tours, using public transportation or shuttle bus. The Harbour Bus used and provides an additional experience.

Target audience: People with an interest in architecture, ports and exciting environments.

Approx 2 hours per tour

23. Traditional citytour & Visit at the ”Frilandsmuseet”

3-4 hours. How did people live in the North during the past centuries

24. Traditional citytour & Visit of Naval ships “ Sælen, Peder Skram”

Optional:  Followed by lunch with Danish “smørrebrød” in New Harbour f.eks. Told og Snaps

Focus on Danish Navy’s history – 4 hours

25. Traditional city tour with focus on modern architecture

  • Bella Vista –Klampenborg
  • Bjørn Nørgaards condominions at Bispebjerg,
  • Grundtvigs Church

Ørestaden: Congress center Bella-sky, Bjarke Ingels Mountain, Jean Nouvelle’s Concert hall, etc.

Duration: 4 hours

26. Copenhagen Harbour

Walking tour from Langelinie – to New Harbour. Boat tour from there to Southharbour, Innerharbour and Christianshavn

Duration 3-4 hours


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