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The Bridge Tour In Malmö

The Bridget between Sweden and Denmark

The Bridge Tour in Malmö now also include an exhibition that will open in September 14.  Here the visitors can browse through props, scenography and other objects that have been part of the show through the years.

Your clients will get the best Bridge-experience with the guided tour in Malmö. The tour shows you known and unknown locations and provides you with facts and interesting behind-the-scenes stories.

Guided Tours in Malmö and Copenhagen

It all started with a dead body found in the middle of the Öresund bridge… After that it didn’t take long before the TV show became a worldwide success. The story of police detectives Saga and Martin is set on the backstreets of Malmö and Copenhagen, in places that has since defined Nordic noir cinema. To the theme we can add also the Killing and Borgen tours in Copenhagen.

The Öresund Bridge is a combined rail and road bridge. Eight kilometers is on the bridge, the final four kilometers are inside the world’s longest underwater tunnel.

Contact Travel Gate Sweden for a five days or more, “Nordic Noir” itinerary; Wallander, Millennium, The Bridge, Fjällbacka..

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