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Logi Room 1(1) Bushcraft Campfire(1) WinterSpring PageA new wilderness lodge has opened just north of Arvidsjaur in Swedish Lapland and just south of the Arctic Circle. The region has over 4.000 lakes, 4 rivers and a variety of streams and rivers. The water is crystal clear and so pure that one can basically drink it straight from the source. Due to the large number of waters, there are still a lot of waters that have not yet been explored or fished in, or where it can go long time between fishermen’s visits. Therefore it is not hard to understand that there swim big fish in several of these waters.

During the summer you will have the midnight sun, which means that the sun never sets, and it is daylight 24 hours a day. During the winter season you can often experience the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and you are guaranteed a lot of snow and ice.

Activities e.g:
River rafting
Ice racing (drive rally on ice under controlled forms)
Berry and mushroom picking in the forest
Wild life safari´s (come close to the animals in their true environment)
Bird watching
Canoe trips
Ice golf (who says that one has to go south during the winter to play golf?)
Or why not learn to survive and join the program: Bushcraft & Survival Extreme ..

There are also a number of museums and buildings for the ones that are interested in culture & history and none the least ”Lappstaden” in Arvidsjaur and Båtsuoj Sami Center, where one can learn about the Sami people (Sweden’s native inhabitants) and their history.

All activities are tailored to the guests’ needs and experience and thus fit equally well for a family with children as to avid outdoor enthusiasts. Our range of activities also appeal to a wide group who want to experience an active and educational holiday where you get to learn more about nature, hunting & fishing and our ancestors’ primitive skills about living in the nature – on nature’s terms and none the least, where one can learn more about oneself.
Nearest airport: Arvidsjaur.

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