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Link to Visit Sweden and ferries and train travel distances.

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  1. Sweden
  2. Stockholm
  3. Gothenburg/Göteborg
  4. Denmark
  5. Copenhagen
  6. Norway
  7. Oslo
  8. Bergen/Norway fjord area
  9. Helsinki/Finland

Official tourist information in Sweden:

  1. Link to facts and regional information
  2. Link to Stockholm visitors board
  3. Link to selected Swedish towns/cities and region
  4. Link to google map starting in Copenhagen Malmö area
  5. Link to Oresundregionen, greater Copenhagen with the countryside
  6. Link to domestic travel planner with bus and train in Skåne including Copenhagen area.
  7. Link to National travel planner
  8. Link to Stockholm travel planner

Welcome to the countryside!

In Sweden, everyone has the right to be out in the countryside – visitors from abroad as well as Swedish citizens. We call this the right of public access. It is a benefit not found in a great many other countries. One may also look upon the right of public access as a great freedom. But our freedom in the countryside must not infringe upon the freedom of others. Skåne trail consists of app. 1100 km of hiking routes for you to explore. Other interesting wild forest area near Stockholm is Tyresta national park  – great for incentive adventures. Close to Gothenburg we have the moose museum and eco park in Hunneberg.

Domestic airports from/to Skåne to Stockholm, Göteborg, Gotland, Dalarna and more: Ängelholm/Helsingborg and Malmö airport.

Regional imagebank SKÅNE

The official currency in Sweden is Swedish Kronor (SEK).
Currency converter on Currency rates on
Remember there are four currencies to consider in the Nordic/Scandinavian roundrips!
Currency in Scandinavia: Norway NOK, Denmark DKK, Helsinki EURO, Sweden SEK – banking fee normally around SEK 100 per currency.

Weather forecast can be found on:
Copenhagen and Zealand

National weather forecast: SMHI

On weekdays, shops usually stay open between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm, on Saturdays between 9.00 am and 2.00 pm. Department stores and supermarkets/groceries stay open longer, and are open all days of the week. Some department stores stay open until 8.00 pm daily. You will find pharmacies in most supermarkets.

Include a traditional celebration depending on arrival:

  • Bonfire to celebration Walpurgis on the beach April 30th
  • Midsummer with the may pole covered with flowers – June 22-25
  • Craw fish parties – August 10th-30th – all evenings
  • Eel parties – End of August September
  • Geese dinners – October – november
  • Christmas buffets and markets – November – December

Have your own Noble prize dinner at the Stockholm City Hall.

Walpurgiss who was an abbess from the eighth century in Germany became the Swedish Valborg. Walpurgis was seen as a bearess of the fruitfulness of the earth. This festival has survived from Viking days, when warriors of old celebrated an annual feast in honor of returning spring. Bonfires lighted on mountain tops were thought to frighten away demons of darkness and gloom. Today people observe the festival throughout the land by lighting fires on beaches, hills and mountain peaks to welcome the lengthening of days.

Cuckoo dawn picnic in sunrise
Early (around 4 or 5 am) one Sunday morning in spring we go for a picnic to listen for the first birdsong. If one can hear the cuckoo, you have to listen from what direction it is calling. From the north means sorrows, from the south means death, from the east means solace and from the west means that the best will happen.

Whitsun Saturday, Sunday and monday
This is the celebration day for the first harvest. It is common with weddings on this day. Premiere for the barbeques in gardens and beaches.
Perhaps the best known Midsummer tradition is the decorating and raising of the Midsummer pole (maypole). It’s origins have divided scientists. One side sees the pole as a remnant from heathen fertility rites and that it can be traced back to prehistoric times and sacrifice feasts. There will be dancing, singing and eating all night long (almost).

The crayfish feast, at which people gather to eat, drink and be merry, is a typically Swedish festivity marking the end of the summer.

Similar in spirit to the crayfish parties, eel parties feature eel as the main delicacy, and it is served in every form: smoked, grilled, stuffed, and more. Restaurants typically throw contests to see who can lift the most live eels out of a barrel, and crown the winner the “eel king.” Another fall culinary special is surströmming, or fermented Baltic herring, which is popular in the north. Surströmming parties are also very common at this time, and the tradition comes from the simple fact that at one time it was cheaper to preserve fish by fermenting it than by storing it in salt.

November is the month of the goose parties. Enjoy long dark candle light evenings with gastronomic experiences.
Lucia comes very early in the morning December 13th with a white dress, a red ribbon around her waist and candles in her hair, singing beautiful Lucia songs. She brings Lucia buns and gingerbread cookies and perhaps some coffee. She also brings star boys and girl attendants who carries the candles in their hands.

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