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Canoeing at the foot of dramatic cliffs at Kullaberg peninsula or follow the river in the pastoral lake districts. Suitable even for beginners!
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Active travellers can choose between cycling, hiking or even an adventure week combining it all: kayaking, climbing, cycling, golf, hiking …

We can of course arrange a unique package regardless of the destination you choose, but we have our very own favourite places and best-kept secrets which create unique and authentic packages – lasting one week or longer.

These packages can be adapted to suit both groups and FITs i.e. individual travellers who book via OTA.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, then send us a request and we will help you with a tailored offer!

6-days in Höganäs and Kullen peninsula hiking, canoeing, climbing in dramatic nature.

If you fancy golf there will be a great golf course within 15 minutes: Links, park, hilly, advanced or suitable for beginners – your choice. Suggestion for golf package

Equestrian adventure trips, also suitable for beginners. See the beautiful sceneries described so well by Linné, from a horseback or carriage. Rest for a different kind of culinary experience and let the scents of the nature ease your mind. Example of excursions.

Exclusive equestrian round trips
Rent a horse or bring your own, ride individually or in a group. We help you with a tour idea, maps for beautiful horse trails and comfortable bed in nice settings, both for your horse and yourself! Contact Travel Gate Sweden for 2-4 days round trip with accommodations for you and your horse.

Hiking or biking with detailed maps for individual exploring or join a group.Biking packages now available for an exciting round trip 3-10 days or more..,

10 days round trip with comfortable accommodation and great food. Arrival/departure Copenhagen or Malmö Airport.

If you do not have ten days this time, just take the shorter tour for a couple days (and come back later for the rest..).
3-5 days biking tour explore four different districts biking around
3 days gourmet trip by bike, three different first class accommodation.
Hovdala CastleExperience the exciting scenery of Skåne. Hike along the beautiful hiking paths. We tailor your package to suit your needs for example picnic-lunch or lunch/coffee as well as detailed maps. Guides available if needed.

6 days hiking gourmet package
Hiking by the sea in north-west Skåne, along the Bjäre Peninsula
Finish with a culinary city break, two night.

It is on foot that you get closest to the Sound, the beaches and the coastal landscape. Most hiking and walking routes are suggestions for hopefully pleasant walks, including maps and descriptions as guidelines.

Contact Travel Gate Sweden: As your personal travel consultant I will be happy to help you find the best itinerary for you. Consultancy fee including maps and an itineraries from SEK 490.

Include; Meeting and information at arrival, help to give a good start for an active adventure. No reservations but contacts for you to book good accommodation yourself.

Additional: Telephone service 24/7 to support you on the way.

If you book the whole package by Travel Gate Sweden from 3 days or more the consultancy fee will be included in your package. As I work with a commission to the hotels no extra charge (on the contrary) will be transferred to you.

Auf Deutsch

Auf Deutsch
Aktive Reisende

Der aktive Reisende wählt Radfahren, Wandern oder eine Abenteuerwoche mit allem: Kajak fahren, Klettern, Radfahren, Golf, Wandern, …
Unabhängig davon, welches Reiseziel sie wählen, ist dies selbstverständlich möglich. Wir haben jedoch unsere Lieblingsplätze sowie geheimnisvolle Orte, die Ihnen einzigartige und authentische Paketangebote ermöglichen – für eine Woche oder länger.
Diese Reisepakete können sowohl für Gruppen als auch FITs bzw. individuell Reisende, die via OTA buchen, angepasst werden.
Finden Sie nicht, was Sie suchen? Auf Anfrage erstellen wir Ihnen gern ein speziell auf Ihre Bedürfnisse angepasstes Angebot!

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