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A Lighthouse Tour In Sweden

Faaroe4 fyr Light houseLet us arrange a Light House Tour in Sweden! We will take care of all arrangement and provide a complete detaild itinerary with hotels, meals, timetables for boats, contacts to lighthouse keepers etc. You will find pictures of all Lighthouses below on   Swedish Lighthouse Society. Click on ”Fyrar” and then on ”Svenska fyrar fotografi Esbjörn Hillberg”. You will also find many photos on
Suggestions for an east coast Lighthouse tour in Sweden:

1. Fairly close to/south of  Stockholm (Stavsnäs/Sandham) you have Grönskär on an island with own/hired boat
2. Next is Landsort (Nynäshamn, Ankarudden) Waxholmsbåt to Landsort

3. Next Femörehuvud small light Oxelösund

4. Next Lhs Häradskär, Gryts archipelago, sometimes regular boat from Fyrudden

5. Don’t miss Gotland. Ferry from Nynäshamn (you miss Femörehuvud and Häradskär above) or Oskarshamn. On mainland Gotland you must visit Fårö, När, Faludden, Hoburg and Stenkyrkehuk. You could also visit Stora Karlsö regular boat from Klintehamn and if possible the most fantastic place on Östergarnholm (outside Herrvik) but here you need own/hired boat.

6. Then you must drive over to Öland and visit Ölands Norra Udde, Högby, Kapelludden, Segerstad and Ölands Södra

7. Next Garpen on an island outside Bergkvara local boat

8. From Karlskrona if you rent a boat you might be able to visit Utklippan and Godnatt

9. From Nogersund outside Sövlesborg you have a ferry to Hanö and its lighthouse

10. You can drive to Sandhammarens lighthouse close to Hagestad

11. Short stopover in Ystad and look at Lh Ystad Inre/övre

12. Next Smygehuk Lh.

13. Next Falsterbo Lh

14. Finally Malmö Inre and Malmö yttre Lhs in the city of Malmö

This is 26 lighthouses to visit but you need someone to let you in into most lighthouses. Lighthouses mostly belong to the Swedish Maritime Organisation.

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