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Forest Orienteering Activity

We did some research to find an exciting out door group activity and found the “real thing” to be executed, where ever you are (almost) in southern Sweden. Near Jönköping will be optimal from a budget view:)

Orienteering Competition:

We envisage that we got 1 track (or ev. two with different lengths).
I think that 3-6 km is adequate.
We set out controls with displays, racks and SportIdent units the electronic marking systems normally used in competitions.
We also have all the technical equipment required (computer, time readers, SportIdents to lend) inlcuding start-up clock that beeps at the start.

We create the START / FINISH area on a large open lawns so that it looks like a regular orienteering race.
Exhibit tent for the “secretariat”, bounding with poles and closure ties.

We have a number of GPS units that makes it possible to a rough orientation to the controls and then use maps the last bit. Under ideal conditions, our GPS unit is accurate to a few meters, but in the forest margin of error is larger,perhaps up to 50m.

We will also be a number of people there during the entire orientation process to inform and help.  We’ll give all the information in English.

This is the logistics.

1. You will gather and learn how the map and compass work (map signs and how to fit the map)
2. You will be instructed how the SportIdent works (how to stamps, etc.). Everyone must have a badge.
3. You will learn how the GPS is working. We will organize into a number of groups with GPS.
4. We start the groups one by one. You may walk / run track by map / compass and / or GPS.
5. When you have finished we take notes from your SportIdent and get a piece of paper with time on
each route. They we can then compare the times with each other.
6. We finish it all and the winners will be rewarded.

Duration approx 3 hours.

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