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We have the expert guides for birdwatching tours in Sweden, for several days or just as an activity in combination with e.g Copenhagen.

Winter Eagle Safari
The many thousand wintering geese in the area will be a part of – the victim, for the nearly hundred eagles who will have their winter party like a Swedish ”smörgåsbord”. The eagles come from the north and stay here because of the geese.
The eagles comes together in flocks and when one eagle catch a goose the others come immediately to the spot of action and the party begin, normally on the ice or along the brink of the water. This show is fabulous to witness. Another place to observe this kind of action is along the coast at particular place with marvellous surroundings.
We’ll go with boat out on the Biosphere reserve of Kristianstad wetlands most bird intensive areas where we can get experience of a fabulous bird life from a quite different perspective that we normally are used to. Reservation for not getting to close so we disturb the birds
Matter of time of the year, we watch from the water systems river, lakes, seaside and creeks but also from special places on land. Reservation for the short time of the year when there are ice on most or some part of the water system and it’s not possible to use the boat as a platform, on that circumstances the safari will be carried out by jeep and by foot.
Distance from Copenhagen/Malmö approx 150 km.

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