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Dream Garden Tours In Sweden

There is always a reason to visit southern Sweden for a themed garden tour. Experience local flower shows and markets from May until August. Visit the secret private gems with customized guided tours.

Here is an example for a themed Garden Tour in Skåne where you also get Copenhagen on the bargain!

Package Include
07 Accommodations in double rooms, Simrishamn, Landskrona, Malmö/Copenhagen
07 Breakfasts
03 Lunches (Sofiero, Alnarp, Ulriksdal)
03 Dinners in Simrishamn Hotel (HB)
Fee for ferry Helsingborg Helsingör

Fee for Öresund Bridge from Copenhagen if you are coming in with your own coach.

Visits to private gardens and meeting the owners, examples in itinerary
Escort guides in different languages for the whole tour or part of it.

02 Admission fees and private guides to parks, examples in itinerary
07 Admission fees to private gardens, examples in itinerary
Meeting the owners for exclusive private guidance
Short seminar/lecture from Emma Karp in Simrishamn

Accommodation depending on kind of budget  from high end with castles and mansions to comfortable city hotels.

The private gardens mentioned in the itinerary are examples, as are hotels that could change due to conditions and availability.

Itinerary Tour Idea – Spring Theme

Blooming Spring in Sweden e.g in the beginning of May.
Gardens and Parks in southeastern Skane – Österlen.

Day 1. Trelleborg – Ystad – Simrishamn

Follow the south coast of Sweden to Simrishamn, visit Ystad Start you garden tour with a
visit Åbergs Plant School founded 135 years ago. One of their specialities is herbs, indeed they have over one thousand varieties of aromatic plants and perennials. Take a short walk In Ystad and visit the monastery garden.

Continue alongside the coast to Kåseberga Harbour for a stop. Walk uphill and get amazed by the beautiful view and the magic Ale Stenar – The Stone Calendar is a world famous mystery and among the most popular site to visit in Sweden.

Check in for three overnight stay in Simrishamn famous for tulips and roses (but not  in the same period!)

Day 2.  Kivik – Simrishamn,

Start the day with a tour to the Ulriksdals Garden a beautiful old private garden and park from the end of 19th Century. Drive alongside the eastern coast to Kivik.

Have a picnic lunch in the garden if the weather allows otherwise at Brösarps Gästis, the old inn nearby.
Simrishamn – Kivik: 19 kilometres

After lunch back to Simrishamn where you will have a guide to the Mediterranean garden in the centre;  Apotekarns . Apotekarns Trädgård and Bergengrenska Trädgården invite you to a dazzling display of early spring flowers in every possible colour. You will experience an exciting tour around these fantastic flowers. The gardens have collections of historical tulips, After a coffee break the owner of Apotekars will take you the private garden of Maritta with a collection of very old tulips.
Dinner in the evening at the hotel.


Day 3.  Simrishamn – Lund – Landskrona

Cathedral in Lund
Cathedral in Lund

The road to Lund is winding over the Romele ridge with a beautiful view over the landscape.
Lund and make another stop on the way to a private garden, Maryhill. Visit private gardens e.g. Maryhill a garden in Lund. “It is to enter another world” – one of the most famous private gardens in Skane.
Guided tour and lunch at the famous Alnarp Park in Lund, with the Swedish university of agricultural sciences offers the countries second largest collection of species and varieties of trees and shrubs on view the entire growth season. The greenhouse with tropical plants in the Botanical Garden in Lund is also worth a visit.
After leaving Lund and on your way to the castle Örenäs, by the waterfront and a beautiful view to the island of Ven and Denmark. Before arrival to the castle you will visit another private garden in the neighbourhood, awarded 2005 as the most beautiful garden in Sweden.

Day 4.  Helsingborg – Sofiero Castle – Höganäs

Drive alongside the coastal road north to Helsingborg and Sofiero Castle

Visit the Sofiero Palace; used to be the summer residence for the royal family.
Lunch at the castle and a guided tour in Sofiero Park Garde, this time of year with the most beautiful coloured spring flower beds.

Drive on to Kullaberg Peninsula and visit private gardens and enjoy the white bed of spring flowers in the beech forets in Kullaberg Nature Reserve.

Skogvaktarens Himmelstorp and Sylvias, both with a fantastic view over the sea one to the west and Denmark the other east cross the bay Skälderviken.

On the way back also make a short stop at Krapperup Castle and park.

Day 5. Landskrona – Helsingör – Copenhagen
After Breakfast  check out. Before you leave the area visit the Landskrona Castle and Cituadel and the small private gardens behind it. Take the ferries from Helsingborg to Helsingör, pass Hamlet Castle Kronborg and drive alongside the coast to Copenhagen.

Day 6. Copenhagen
Visit the famous Plant Shop of Tage Andersen in the centre of Copenhagen, near Nyhavn (the old harbour district). The shop is part florist, part gallery and sells every kind of foliage to buy or just get inspired.

Optional to book a flower clinic approx with Thage Andersen

Stay the night in Copenhagen or cross the bridge to Malmö.

Day 7. Copenhagen – Malmö
In the morning cross the bridge to Malmö.


Visit the ecological and organic urban areas and plant shops.

Katrinetorp Manor, Malmö. This manor from the beginning of the 19th century has an English park and a neo baroque garden created after the 19th century style and is completed with a design garden.

Check in   to your hotel I Malmö. With a garden  just outside your window – in 5th floor!

Day 8. Departure Trelleborg or Ystad ferries, Copenhagen or Malmö Airport

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