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Walk Adventure Kullen Mountain

Kullaberg pathCliffs KulleTo climb a mountain is like growing old, you loose more and more physical power but will be awarded with a fantastic overview and experience”. A suitable quotation as I think of yesterday’s expedition in the Kullaberg Mountain. We – the fictive tourist group joined The Swedish Television -Team to illustrate autumn adventures in the area of northwest Skane. During the day we will visit the land art sculpture, Nimis and walk (climb) the dramatic Kullaberg Cliffs.

Walks with the groupNimis SculpturesNearly half a million visitors from all over the world come here every year to experience the secrets of the rocks and forest. Now we wanted to show the reporter the mountain in the autumn colourful dress, still so mysterious and accessible before the winters snow.

Sea Kullen HöganäsLahibia Cave Kullaberg the north side of the mountain the staled water from the Atlantic meets the coast and on the southern side the Öresund brackish waves hit the shores. On the edge they meet and causes not only a unique underwater fauna but also a drama with waves, wind and cliffs. We learn about man’s life on Kullaberg from the Stone Age to the present day and paid a visit to the caves Lahibia and Silver. The walking path is partly a challenge and for a while I just wondered how to continue and survive. But the Kullabergexperienced guide showed us where to grip on to the cliffs and to put down your feet safely. Still I did not look down and I do not think the others did either. Even if I have lived here for decades I had not before taken this way around the edge of Kullaberg. Today I will encourage anyone to experience the lighthouse and top of the hill from an unusual perspective – with a local mountain guide.
During summer there will be guided tours almost everyday and during winter you can book one.

Rocks KullabergGoing down KullenThe dramatic local landscape and distinctive flora and fauna make this an attractive area for botanical walks, bird watching, diving and rock climbing. The entire area is open to hikers and walkers and there are several marked trails to choose between.
Never go too close to the edge, and, unless you’ve been properly trained, never attempt to climb them without a guide. They can often be slippery, and the sea, with its waves, currents and eddies, is unpredictable. Make sure you keep an eye on the children. Although rocks and cliffs may look fun to play on, they’re highly dangerous! Unfortunately, too many tragic accidents have happened here. Never go swimming or diving if there is more than a light north westerly blowing.

Italian view and road Mölle KullabergCulinary Experience Mölle HöganäsAfter a delicious lunch break in the village of Mölle. Here the potter Lisa Wohlfart not only make beautiful
ceramic handcraft but also a delicious hot tomato soup and home baked bread.

yellow leafs in autumn Kullen HoganasWe continued our tour in the afternoon with a walk through the autumn yellow beech forest on the north side of Kullaberg. Our aim was to visit the secret land art sculpture Nimis. A secret because the authorities will not accept the location for this attraction and therefore you will find no signs how to get there.

Gateway to NimisNimis wooden sculptureNimis Secret SignBut since more than 30.000 visitors visit this place every year – and especially families with children- you can follow the marks on the trees on your way down. These huge wooden sculptures are built by one man who started secretly in the late 80s. Once discovered it was to late to stop him.

Cliffs KulleThe way down and up again is sometimes steep but not dangerous if you pay attention on
where to put your feet. In the beginning of next year we will see the TV documentary. But I still do not understand how the cameraman succeeded to climb the mountain with his equipment. I for sure needed both my hands to hold on. He is in the middle of the photo!


Nimis SculpturesCliffs KulleGateway to NimisKullabergKullaberg pathGoing down KullenCulinary Experience Mölle HöganäsLahibia Cave KullabergRocks KullabergNimis Secret SignSilver CaveSea Kullen HöganäsNimis wooden sculptureyellow leafs in autumn Kullen HoganasItalian view and road Mölle Kullaberg

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