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  • Kullaberg Leading Quality Trail, Photo Britt-Marie Andrén

    Kullaberg Leading Quality Trail, Photo Britt-Marie Andrén

  • Photo: Mickael Tannus

    Photo: Mickael Tannus

  • Photo: Johan Hammar, Skåneleden

    Photo: Johan Hammar, Skåneleden

  • Photo: Johan Hammar, Skåneleden

    Photo: Johan Hammar, Skåneleden

Discover Sweden in miniature – walk between villages and in the wilds of nature!
Walking package in Sweden Garden – Culture – Nature – Art
(Auf Deutsch: Wanderungen Schweden)

Skåne is the Texas of Sweden, and we mean that in the best possible way. Sure, go and see the quaint student city Lund, Sweden’s Hollywood Ystad and design-centric Malmö.  Do not miss to experience the magic of Kullaberg where a world of mostly undiscovered magic awaits.

Walking package for Kullaleden Leading Quality Trail

Walking package Kullaleden Walking package KullaledenLerbergetNypon800x550Our little paradise is located just 25 kilometers north of the elegant coastal city of Helsingborg. Though buses depart frequently from Helsingborg’s central station, there are fantastic well-maintained bike lanes and the wonderful Kullaleden hiking trail (which earned a top rating from the European Ramblers Association). So if you are after an active adventure in truly unforgettable natural environs, Kullaberg will take your breath away, literally and figuratively.

Kullaberg, a rocky headline in northwestern Skåne ,is one of Sweden’s best kept and most beautiful secrets. Its numerous charms have even been acknowledged by the world famous Michelin Guide, earning 3 stars. Still, Kullaberg remains a bit off the beaten path for tourists to Skåne.

Season April – October

Discover Sweden in miniature – walk between villages and in the wilds of nature!

Day 1. Helsingborg
Arrival in Helsingborg by direct train. Check your luggage in at the hotel, which is walking distance from the station. Hereafter it’s time for an excursion to find out about the history of Helsingborg. We start with the beautiful Sofiero Palace and park, once the summer residence of the Swedish royal family. The park can be reached quickly and conveniently by local bus, a journey of about ten minutes. Stroll around the beautiful park and feel the sense of history. The park was named the most beautiful in Europe in 2010. There is a café and a restaurant in the palace. Take the bus back to Helsingborg or take a walk! The Kullaleden Trail " is well signposted from the palace, and it takes about 2 hours to walk the 6 km through three lush, flourishing city parks.
Day 2. Helsingborg – Höganäs 22 kilometers
Check out early from the hotel. Your luggage will be collected later and delivered to the next hotel. After a walk of approx. 3-4 hours you reach the little coastal community of Domsten with its small harbour, café and fish smokehouse. You can take a break here to sample some freshly smoked fish. Here is also one of the private gardens that you may visit: The half-timbered building near the sea in Domsten with paved flower beds and lots of cosy seating areas. There are good bus connections in Domsten, but we recommend that you continue to walk for another two hours or so to the charming fishing village of Viken, with plenty of excellent small restaurants where you can enjoy dinner.
Day 3. Höganäs – Mölle 12 kilometers
Make sure you visit the new market hall, housed in the old kilns where the pottery used to be fired. Höganäs’ salt-glazed vessels are famous all over the world, and in the market hall you can meet one of the potters from the “old days” who’s still making items by hand. For anyone with an interest in gardening, there are fascinating private gardens to visit. Start your walk heading towards Mölle and Kullaberg. After approx. 2 hours, you reach the small community of Lerhamn. The old windmill stands proudly on the hill just inland. Here there’s not only a wonderful park – open all year – but also a café offering tasty cakes and light meals. The castle houses an art gallery and a small shop. The mountain Kullaberg now starts to rise up in front of you, marking your destination. Mölle is a well-known resort that became infamous as a den of iniquity in the early 20th century as both men and women bathed together on the same beach. VineyardKullaleden1920x550
Day 4. Mölle – Kullen light house 5 kilometers
Enjoy the morning by the harbour at Mölle. You can also try your hand at kayaking on the sea! Check out at lunchtime, and walk alongside the sea down the mountain towards Ransvik, approx. 20 minutes, where there’s a café serving waffles and simple meals. From there the walk continues up towards the top of the mountain, Kullen Lighthouse. The section from Mölle to Kullen Lighthouse takes approx. 1.5 hours and offers fantastic views, forest and cliffs, beyond the hills, birch and juniper forests. Not especially steep, even though you need to climb up a few steps in some places. The Kullaberg guides, with their HQ up in the building by the lighthouse, organise cave walks, porpoise safaris and climbing for all ages, regardless of previous experience! These activities can be booked as an extra item in your package.
Day 5. Kullen lighthouse – Arild 12 kilometers
Check out and put together a small packed lunch. The trail today takes us to the northern part of Kullaberg, where forest dominates, although here and there the landscape opens up and offers wonderful views over the bay towards the Bjäre Peninsula. The slopes here are also a little longer, albeit not so difficult as to raise the pulse. Along the path is the Josefinelust cave, with signs showing the way and explaining all there is to discover! Check in at the hotel in Arild
Day 6. Arild – Utvälinge 21 kilometers
Check out and start the last day of walking between Arild and Utvälinge, a relatively gentle section covering approx. 21 km. Continue through the colourful, open heathland into a deciduous forest where you’ll reach the quarry, which is now filled with water and offers an attractive, peaceful spot for a rest. This part of the Kullaleden trail passes through a number of nature reserves with unique bird areas by the mouth of the Görslövsån river. In the early morning or evening you might experience thousands of geese taking off or returning from the nearby meadows. You cross the river by means of a suspension bridge. Utvälinge is the City of Helsingborg’s furthest outpost in the north. Use the bus to return to your hotel in Arild and pick up the luggage.


  • 5 x accommodation in sharing a double/twin room
  • 5 x breakfasts
  • 1 x picknicklunch
  • 1 x entrance to Sofiero Castle & Gardens
  • 1 x guided visit to a private home and garden “Meet the Swedes”
  • 1 x travel card with three journeys free of choice by bus.
  • Personal assistance to customize according to your preferences.
  • Optional: Baggage transportation between hotels

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