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The secret Kingdom Nimis

Nimis Kullaberg

Photo: Lars Vilks Ladonia Nimis“In the north we find a place, the tiny country of Ladonia, situated at the edge of the Kullaberg nature reserve.  The legend says “In the old days it was a kingdom, ruled by king Ladon, still guarding the golden apples. All of this is lost. The disastrous moment when time was set in motion and place made to a spot on earth give us the remains: ruins of the kingdom and the garden overgrown with weeds, the apple tree growing wild.”

Nimis the SculpturesThe story of this secret kingdom in the shadow a the mountain Kullaberg in southern Sweden close to Helsingborg started in 1980. when the artist Lars Vilks started to build a sculpture parc with driftwood. For two years he could work without anyone interrupting or discovering his work. When the sculptures grew larger the officials tried to stop him. They did not succed. Today this increadible piece of wooden and stoneart partly is story of a battle with the local authorities. For many years the tourist office did not have any information about the place. Still there are no official signs so you have to know what to look for if you want to find the place. And be prepared for an adventureous walk.
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