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Climbing Adventure

Climbing adventure close to Malmö, southern Sweden with two days

climbing and accommodation in Mongolian wool huts (ger) with the possibility to stay overnight in the trees on the third night.

Location: Approx 45 minutes drive from Malmö, southern Sweden.
Also includes: bed sheets, climbing gear, 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 3 dinners. All meals, except for lunch, are prepared by the participants themselves.


Itinerary Day 1 – Arrival

At check-in, you are given a tour of the camp and have time to make yourself at home in your ger. The hotel is set deep in the nature in an enchanting beech forest. The huts do not have electricity or running water, but have comfortable luxury beds, oil lamps, washbasins, drinking water and more. They also have cold storage and a composting toilet. During your stay at the hotel, you’ll be your own chef and have all necessary produce at your disposal.

OPTIONAL outdoor cooking: if you have chosen the additional guided cooking, you’ll learn everything you need to know about outdoor cooking over an open fire – together we create a three-course menu, based on local, seasonal produce.
OPTIONAL sleep in a tree: if you have chosen to spend the final night of your stay in the trees, you’ll need to allocate some of your evening to constructing your berths.

Having finished your dinner, you ascend the tree and bed down in a “treeboat” or “cocoon”. You’ll gaze up at the starry sky as the whispers of the wind gently rock you to a relaxing sleep. For your safety, you’ll be secured with ropes and will also be wearing a harness. Helmet and shoes can be hung from a nearby branch.

Day 2 / Climbing techniques
Breakfast consists of dishes you prepare yourselves. The group then meets up with the climbing instructor and receives all required equipment. During the day you learn basic safety and climbing techniques specific to tree climbing. You practice making your way up and down in a safe manner and learn how to attach the ropes to the trees, something which requires precision and patience. Lunch is included and is served on location. During the evening, you practice tying knots and cook dinner over an open fire, on your own or with the group.
Day 3
After breakfast the group again meets with the climbing instructor. On the agenda for the day is how to choose a suitable tree for climbing and consider any risks and hazards you need to look out for. Next, you practise erecting your own climbing system. Lunch is included and is served on location. During the evening, you cook dinner over an open fire, on your own or with the group.
Day 4
After breakfast it's time to move on. Those of you who have booked further climbing will look forward to an exciting day with lots of opportunities to practice and new trees to explore. All climbing is carried out under the guidance of our instructors. Additional services you can book include: sleeping in the tree tops for the final night of your stay, an extra day of climbing, guided outdoor cooking on your first evening (minimum 8 clients)

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