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Cycling tours in Sweden

  • Helsingborg Bird area

    Helsingborg Bird area

  • Vulcano in Skåne

    Vulcano in Skåne

  • Kopparhatten view point

    Kopparhatten view point

  • Hallands Väderö

    Hallands Väderö

  • Ven island

    Ven island

  • View from Bjäre Torekov

    View from Bjäre Torekov

  • Kullen cycling tours

    Kullen cycling tours

  • cycling tours in Sweden

    cycling tours in Sweden

  • Söderåsen Skäralid

    Söderåsen Skäralid

  • Helsingborg sunset

    Helsingborg sunset

  • Morning bridge Torekov

    Morning bridge Torekov

(Auf Deutsch: 7 Tage Schonen auf dem Fahrrad)

On cycling tours in Sweden you will get to experience the huge variety of scenery. In southern district Skåne, sea, coastline, lakes and islands interspersed with forest, mountains, rural communities and cities of varying sizes will be on offer. You will pass many sights along the way, together with fantastic cuisine to enjoy. You can experience the best of Sweden without long distances to travel.

Experience the delights of Sweden and the scenic beauty of Skåne by bike!

This is a suggested 7-day cycling tour that gives you a taste of everything Sweden and Skåne has to offer.
Sea – Coastline – Lakes – Islands – Forest – Mountains – Rural communities – Cities
Every day brings a new experience and a new environment
The daily stages are between 40 and 70 km, largely cycling on tarmac roads. The only exceptions are some idyllic forest tracks and short stretches in the countryside.

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