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New Year’s Eve at Icehotel on a frozen river

Icehotel room

New Year’s Eve at Icehotel is different. Leave the heels at home. The dress code for New Years at Icebar at Icehotel is snow suit and moon boots. The evening starts with a specially composed New Year’s dinner at Icehotel Restaurant. For the stroke of midnight, make your way down to the frozen Torne River. Here you will marvel at the hundreds of lanterns slowly rising towards the sky. The party goes on until late.  Sip cocktails ”in the rocks” from glasses made of ice. Dance the night away under the ice chandeliers with locals and travelers from all corners of the world.
Art suite – Queen of the North Emilie Steele & Sebastian Dell’Uva
ICEHOTEL 28 Photo by – Asaf Kliger

Icehotel offers warm and cold rooms, including breakfasts and unlimited entrance to the exhibition. You will rent or buy warm outer clothing for the stay. We recommend one night in the cold and then 1-2 nights in the warm hotel.

Building the seasonal hotel demands a massive amount of work. This starts in March when 5,000 tons of ice is harvested from Torne River. The ice is then stored cold until October every year when the building of the hotel starts.

A couple of weeks before the opening, 33 artists from 13 different countries arrive in Jukkasjärvi. Now they will create 15 unique suites of ice and snow, one ice ceremony hall for weddings and ceremonies and one pillar hall. A building team, the ice production, art support and a lightning team work together.  They will work together and create an additional 20 ice rooms. The Icehotel will opens December 14 this year.

Nearest airport is Kiruna, serviced by SAS Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian via Stockholm (90 min fl)

Places to visit are also Jukkasjärvi church , Kiruna, where the entire city is moving..

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