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Mamma Mia Dinner Party in Stockholm

Mamma Mia -Photo Credit: Jesper Brandt

In January 2016 Mamma Mia Dinner Party opens in Stockholm just across the street from ABBA The Museum. Using the ABBA song catalogue as a base Björn Ulvaeus wants to capture the happy atmosphere of the musical that has played to millions around the world and transfer it to a big party. Get into the Mamma Mia party mood! This will be a unique dinner experience for groups and individuals.


Björn Ulvaeus is executive producer and one of the initiators of Mamma Mia! the Party. His vision is one of guests interacting and creating the atmosphere of a party in a Greek taverna. This is inspired by the tavernas in Skopelos, where Mamma Mia! the Movie was filmed. You will find the atmosphere complete with olive trees, fountain and the scent of rosemary and a warm breeze from the Mediterranean Sea.

Mamma Mia venue at Djurgården area in Stockholm

With the help of ABBA songs the participants will write the story of that particular night, then and there. Mamma Mia! the party will be a new major tourist attraction at Djurgården along with ABBA The Museum and Gröna Lund.

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