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A calash was used to transport the members and equipment of Carl Linneaus expeditions as it traveled through Skåne during the summer of 1749. He had learned to travel light and knew from experience that his party of followers and assistants should not be too large.

Photo: from Sjöbo Inn and Gjuteriet Horse carriage.

On the other hand, locals residants provided guides and sources of information. In return they could enjoy the teachings of Linneaus. By using Linneaus own notations it is possible to visit the places Linneaus once studied. The original manuscripts belong to the Linnaean Society of London.Carl Linneaus crossed the bridge over Getabäck into Skåne at Loshult. The first night he stayed at the Sinclarsholm Manor house dated 1626. Two month later he left Skåne with a lot of love for the county with the mild climate and nice people.

Fields of Raps 2 outside Helsingborg Skåne North WestNow we celebrate his 300th years birthday with the unique opportunity to recreate the atmosphere of The Linnaus expedition. The Waggoner, horses and old country inns are prepared to welcome you to a historic journey. Close your eyes and listen to the clattering horse drawn carriage, enjoy the scent of the forest, taste some new baked bread from the mill. Experience the shifting landscapes from forests to plains and fields, hilly and flat.
The exclusive ride will take you to accommodations or interesting sites in about 45-60 minutes. After a great dinner in the evening you will rest in a comfortable bed.

Photo: Olivedal Culture HeritageAfter breakfast buffet next morning you will participate in activities of your own interest:
– Canoeing at the foot of dramatic cliffs at Kullaberg peninsula or follow the river in the pastoral lake districts. Suitable even for beginners!
-Equestrian tours with culinary and culture surprises.
-Walks and talks about Linné and his work.
-Visits to beautiful private gardens with the opportunity to meet the owner.
-Shopping in farmer shops and artisans studios.
-Golf with rented clubs.

After two nights stay it is time to move on and experience new charming places. Perhaps a city break in Copenhagen or Stockholm would be an attractive choice.

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