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Adventurous trip to Stockholm’s archipelago

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An archipelago is a cluster of islands that are formed naturally and not many are more beautifully formed than in
Stockholm. Several well-known creations have been influenced by the Stockholm Archipelago including novels written by Ernst Didring and journals by Swedish socialite Ture Nerman.

Comprised of over 30,000 islands, the Stockholm archipelago is one of the biggest archipelagos of the Baltic Sea and holidaying here can be an excellent way to spend part of a holiday in the Swedish capital. Today, many of the islands are dotted with several attractions; the island of Sandhamn however has established itself as the main tourist hotspot.

Many locals themselves spend their holidays on one the islands. The accommodation on offer varies from plain wooden sheds to palace-like buildings; a whole other world from the large, boutique hotels of Stockholm. Most of the islands and accommodation can be reached by a 30 minute boat ride from Stockholm city centre.

Although some of the islands are populated, adventure can be had in the more deserted areas where outdoor sports activities and family fun is plentiful.

The beautiful and unique fishing available on the archipelago gives you the chance to catch huge fish regardless of whether you are on land or at sea and with so many spots to choose from, professionals will never have to fight for the best position!

In high summer, when the sun hardly sets, the weather in the northern Baltic is ideal for sailing; hence why this sport is so popular on and around the archipelago. It is also an excellent way to explore the islands at your own pace!

The archipelago is home to various, well-known golf courses set in beautiful landscapes and is an extremely popular activity for those on a city business break.

During the winter months, boat routes to the islands depend on the ice conditions and weather. Summertime is the best time to visit the Stockholm archipelago when evening walks along the deserted coastline and strolls through the island’s villages create unforgettable memories.

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