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Wine Factory At Meeting Venue In Stockholm

Högberga Gård is the first conference venue in Sweden to offer wine production using grapes from Tuscany. The idea is to offer guests the opportunity to produce their own wine. The guests are present during all stages of the production – from grape picking in Italy, vinification, maturation in oak barrels to bottling your very own wine blend with your own name on the label. You can then collect your own wine from Systembolaget. It is a good and perhaps cheaper alternative to buying into a vineyard in the Mediterranean.

Högberga Gård have recently brought back 10 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese grapes from Tuscany. Saturday 25 September marks the first wine production at Högberga’s wine factory.

Högberga Gård has breathtaking views across the last archipelago islands en route towards Stockholm that mark the entrance to this capital city. The building is an architectural masterpiece, designed by Carl Westman and is home to both turn of the century art and more modern works. The venue also includes a unique spa with direct access to the sea.

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