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Wheel Of Gothenburg Also For Big Groups


Gothenburg will offer a new attraction this summer. Perhaps a thrilling end of a city tour? The capacity is over 300 people each ride. Which means possibilities for bigger groups to join the activity. The wheel is located next to the Opera House (Göteborgsoperan) near the harbour and opening day is set to  May 22, according to Göteborg & Co the official tourist board.

It is 60 metres high, has 42 glass-encrusted gondolas and can take 1200 people per hour. Opening hours 11:00-21:00 everyday until August 15. A ride of 3-4 “rounds” will take approx 15 minute at a price of SEK 85 per person.

“What comes up, must come down, spinning wheel..”

Couldn’t resist:=)

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