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A Walking, Trekking, Hiking Festival in Denmark

Denmark is inviting you to come and hike be it short walking tours through the woods, or longer day trips. The first steps of Denmark’s largest walking festival are taken on 4-12 September. More than one hundred guided tours will be offered over these days.

Zealand, east Denmark, offers many good hiking trails.  Plus Møn and Lolland-Falster will offer many extra summer walking tours. The network, in which 17 municipalities are working together with local guides, will ensure many exciting trips. Learn about nature, culture and history at the same time as focusing on fitness, with even a few of the tours offering a chance to enjoy the local food.

Everyone is very welcome, including those of you who are not so familiar. They  want to attract as many people as possible to come and give it a go!.

Visit for more information about the tours and maps, unfortunately only currently available in Danish.

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