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Viking Town Near Malmö & Copenhagen

The Viking Town of Foteviken offers you an exciting tour and a different place where your travellers are sure to find a close encounter with history. This is the largest reconstructed Viking Town in the world. It is beautifully located outside at the banks of Höllviken bay in the south west corner of Sweden, only 30 minutes from Copenhagen airport.

A guided tour of the Viking Town lasts for about 30 minutes and you will meet Vikings living in the town. They also have a small exhibition that focuses on maritime archeology, with the theme “From the middle age to the Viking age”.

The Museum of Foteviken
How about trying some archery, axe-throwing, ass-hook-
ing, stick-pulling or tug of war in the Viking town? For
our historical games each group selects a champion to
compete against each other.

The Medieval Ships
The medieval ships offer historical games that are
related to the ships and the medieval times such as
crossbowing, lifeline-throwing and bucket-lifting.

Historically inspired clothing
In order to obtain the proper historical atmosphere for
your event we lend historically inspired clothes from
our in-house atelier. The clothes are to be worn over
your own clothes to protect them while participating in
our popular historical games.

Special events
When you as a company, organisation or private person
want more than just premises, you turn to Fotevikens
KulturCenter. If our pre-packaged events doesn’t meet your criteria
we are more than happy to tailor an event according to


Image: Wikimedia Commons

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