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Trends: Red, Hot, Fiery

A challenge and ambition when working with events is to be able to deliver the latest trend, or better still, to deliver a trend before it has even had the time to become a trend!What more can we say. The voices from the Paris catwalk are loud and clear – this autumn’s accent colour is red. Since our aim is to bring the latest trends into our own industry, there is only one thing for us to do: Hold a party with the theme; Red, Hot and Fiery!
Welcome the guests on a red carpet. Serve a red welcome drink and add intensity with atmospheric red lighting! Inside, you are met with hot, fiery Romani music. The tables are set in red. Red wine waits on the tables, ready to be served. A steamy, hot stew is brought in which, for the weaker ones amongst us, will make your neck hairs stand on end …

After your meal, coffee is served with a fiery spice but also red tea and red chocolate lips. In the hot whirl of the tango, you can be sure that the guests’ cheeks will take on a delicate, red tinge.

It cannot get hotter than this.

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