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Top 5 Conference Locations in Sweden

With the natural and architectural beauty of Sweden, and the ease of access to conference venues and airports, Sweden is a wonderful country in which to hold a conference of any size.
1. Thorskogs Slott

This idyllic manor home appears straight from the pages of a fairytale and oozes luxury, but in the fresh relaxing style for which Swedish countryside hospitality is famous. Originally built in the 1730s, it has been an oasis for business travelers since 1986. Replete with a beautiful English-style park, pond, golf course, forest trails and, of course, a luxurious sauna, Thorskogs Slott has conference and dining rooms for up to 110 guests with 70 beds for on-site accommodations. Thorskogs Slott is in the countryside of western Sweden, 35 minutes north of Gothenburg.
2. Nässlingen

On its own island, at Nässlingen conference attendees will have increased concentration and few unwanted distractions. Business travelers can take in the fresh Swedish air and enjoy rare plants and wildlife native to the area. A retreat since 1977, Nässlingen was previously farmhouse, with conference rooms held in the renovated old barn house and boathouse. This location can accommodate up to 120 conference attendees and 180 overnight guests, and is only one hour from Åsättra.
3. Stallmästaregården Hotel

Stallmästaregården is Stockholm’s oldest inn, dating back to the mid-1600s. It has 49 hotel rooms with conference rooms and a banquet hall for up to 200 conference attendees. It is located near the bay of Brunnsviken in the Royal Haga Park, only minutes from downtown Stocholm. In addition to a first-class hotel, a world renowned restaurant, and a large outdoor terrace, this conference venue even has the capacity to host eco-friendly and environmentally conscious events.
4. Såstaholm Konferens

This cheerful venue is a mansion once frequented by many of Sweden’s old actors, and this hotel celebrates its history with art deco decor and cheeky style. During the summer guests can enjoy golf or water activities at nearby Kärleksudden and in the winter Såstaholm hosts chocolate and wine tastings. Såstaholm has 93 rooms for overnight guests, can host conferences with as many as 130 guests, and is located in a rural setting 25 minutes from downtown Stockholm and Arlanda Airport.
5. Stenungsbaden Yacht Club

This seaside venue on the West Coast of Sweden is located on Stenungsön Island, 45km from Gothenburg and provides everything from sailing to spa experiences in a relaxed environment. The Stenungsbaden venue can hold up to 600 people and boasts its ability to meet even the most extravagant needs of a conference, such as driving cars into the drawing room or accommodating a full symphonic orchestra.

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