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Time travel backwards

Photo: Olivedal Culture HeritageIn South West of Skåne you will land at the farm Olivedal where the clock stopped one hundred years ago. Do not get surprised when your name and clothes transformes and suddenly you will be given shores and tools from the last century. Managed by competent supervisors you then will take an active part in historic cooking, farming and hand made craftsmanshift. When twilight sets, everyone gathers in front of the fire and listen to the old stories about the goblins, gnomes and elves. If your lucky perhaps you even meet them! This authentic time travel theater is produced by the local culture heritage organization.

Travel Gate Sweden is a DMC Destination Management Company for the South of Sweden, Skåne including visits to Copenhagen and the east coast of Denmark. We provide tailor made travel and meeting services. Send us a mail with your request.

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