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The Cube Has Landed In Stockholm

The Cube by Electrolux, a unique dining concept celebrating 90 years of professional expertise, arrives in Stockholm. For just four months, it will crown the Royal Opera House in the heart of Stockholm. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch some of Sweden’s top chefs, who are supported by Electrolux in their kitchens every day, cook for you and 17 others in an unforgettable setting, with views of Stockholm Palace across the river. The Cube now landed in Stockholm.

When guests first arrive the 140sqm space will be open for entertaining and some great sight seeing, especially from the external platform. When dinner is served the concealed dining table will drop from the ceiling so as to sit the 18 guests before being raised again for after dinner drinks and mingling.

Link to the Cube Restaurant in Stockholm

View during the building process

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