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Swedish and Copenhagen Riviera and Beaches

What kind of beach do you prefer? We went to Skanör in the beginning of May and found a great long beach with dunes. We stayed for a while just to watch sailing boats and tourists

in the small harbour. Small colourful cottages climb on the dunes. The season had not yet begun and there were a lot of space on the beach. This is absolutely one of my favourites. I will go back later this summer when the sea is warmer (25 degree or so..).

On our way back north alongside the coast we stopped at Bjärred with a long wooden bridge out into the water to a small restaurant, sun deck and cabins. Opposite you see the silhouettes of the sky scrape Turning Torso in Malmö and the bridge to Copenhagen.

Skåne has about 400 kilometres of sandy beaches of different character as well as the water.
For some reason it seems that the water is colder on the eastern and south coast and less seaweed. On the other hand they are less crowded and you can walk on them for miles.

In the two largest cities Malmö and Helsingborg you will find sandy beaches just a walking distance from the centres. Do not get surprised when you meet locals in robes in the morning for a swim before breakfast! Even Copenhagen has a beach in the centre.

All around Skåne small fishing villages are invaded by tourists, almost all of them, but still you will find gems not so well known where people still live all year around for generations, treasuring the genuine small village life.

Contact Travel Gate Sweden for information where the best beaches are for families, romance and water activities. During a Beach safari you will experience them all!

The new riviera in Copenhagen Amager Strandpark
Just five kilometers from the centre of Copenhagen we find Amager Beach, the new city beach with enough space for all kinds of beach life. It serves a densely populated area and is extremely popular in the summer. It is a 4,6 kilometer long bathing beach divided into two parts.


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