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Sweden’s highest burial ground

Visit Anundshög for a lunch break between Stockholm and Dalarna! Anundshög is Sweden´s highest Viking burial mound and in the foot of the mound there are five large stone ships and some twenty large graves. Anundshög was an important center of power for a thousand years. In the Middle Ages the newly elected king of Sweden rode past Anundshög on his royal tour of the country.
You can participate in an historical guiding on Anundshög’s area and the surrounding ridge. This tour includes Anundshög, the ship settings, an important rune-stone, the route the new selected king made passing Anundshög, the 2000 year old maze, an old chamber for the soldiers at Badelunda and other things that are of interest for the visitors. Nearest town is Västerås with the impressive cathedral.
Next stop could be e.g Sala Silver Mine if you are heading north – or Stockholm (approx 1 hours drive). Contact Travel Gate Sweden for a round trip including Stockholm and Dala horses -Best of Sweden!

Photo:Västerås Tourist Office

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