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Stockholm Adventure Packages

Looking for adventure and adrenaline kicks? Want to test your limits and experience nature in new ways? Then we have the perfect experience for you.
Some of the best activities on available in the regions around Stockholm are now on offer as a mix and match pre-packaged tour.

The waters of this regions archipelago is a haven for sea kayaking, cycle along country roads through the varied countryside; evergreen forests, meadows and lakes, climb with one of the best instructors in one of the most scenic climbing areas around a lake, run down a wall with the world record holder in vertical run, challenge your fear of heights on the high wire track or take a walk in a mine 155 feet underground.
In brief

Sea kayaking – 3 days on the waters of the Sörmland’s archipelago
Cycling – 2 days along country lanes through the varied countryside, Sörmland
Climbing, Norrköping – 2 exciting days with professional guide
Vertical Run, Västerås – 25 metres of pure experience
High Wire Adventure track, Sala Silvermine – ropeways, hanging bridges and other challenges at high altitudes.
Visit a mine 155 m under ground, Sala Silvermine – you will experience an environment unlike any other.

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