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Stallmästaregården Opens Again In Haga Park

Since the beginning of the 15th Century, the Inn Stallmästaregården has been thriving with the restaurant as a cultural heritage, located in the middle of the Royal Haga park. Today’s new Stallmästaregården is a modern restaurant, still influenced by the classic environment and traditions, with genuine hospitality. After many successful years, it was decided to conduct a thorough renovation of Stallmästaregårdens restaurant. The goal was to create a timeless and elegant setting,with a rustic touch, that fits Stallmästaregården and its long history.
New emphasis has been put into the food and menu. “We want to keep the classic idea about the food but to step
up to a modern Nordic cuisine with traditional elements” says Anders Janson, Managing Director Stallmästaregården.

 Free living meat and game, naturally grown vegetables and herbs, that grow wild around the corner.
“Although we have all the modern technology which gives us completely different conditions, we are trying to cook as it probably was done here 400 years ago. Salting, drying, smoking, cooking, straw, moss, etc. are techniques we often use ” chef Tom Fredriksson explains.
In the dining room and bar, new warm colours have been painted. The beams in the ceiling have been taken out and a very warm, cosy feeling has been created. Combined with a mix of new joinery and modern furniture in a more classic setting. To enhance the dining experience the small details are carefully chosen, which contributes to the whole dining experience. Linen tablecloths and napkins that adorn the tables, for example, from Växbo Lin which is Scandinavia’s only spinning mill and weaving mill.

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