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Skåne for connoisseurs: 100 crazy insider tips in southern Sweden

Sweden’s southernmost region of Skåne is a classic for the summer holidays. You can reach it in no time at all direct from CPH airport via the Öresunds bridge – made famous by the Nordic Noir drama, The Bridge – and you´re very soon on one of the region’s many powder white sandy beaches. If you have visited Skåne before, you may be looking for new insider tips for your next trip. Valle Westesson’s travel guide of a different kind called “100 Crazy Places in Skåne” (100 balla ställen i Skåne, so far only available in Swedish) provides inspiration.

For example, the Grand Circus Hotel in Malmö opens again in May. This colourful accommodation consists of twelve different circus caravans, each forming a private hotel room.

In Ängelholm, the “World of the Bible” (Bibelns Värld) promises an instructive excursion: Urban Lennartsson, a priest in the Swedish Church, has been recreating places from the New Testament for several years. The stable in Bethlehem, Jesus’ tomb and a model of the city of Jerusalem can already be visited – a suitable tip for Easter, perhaps.

Other tips from Skåne connoisseur Valle Westesson are the Café Fritidsbaren in Ystad, the swimming pool in Trelleborg built around 1940, the nostalgic second-hand shop “Flygrakans Diversehandel” between the villages of Klippan and Perstorp, the mini-museum in honour of the coffee pot (Kaffeburksmuseet), the mysterious ruin of Skeingeborg and the unused railway tunnel in Barnakälla, through which today a leisurely walking and cycling path runs.

Source: Visit Sweden

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