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Secrets of Swedish Lapland

hundsportspannExperience a journey after an amazing River in Swedish Lapland. We are drifting down the river and stop for lunch, photo-shooting, and if you want fish for Grayling – The Lady of the Stream. An amazing journey and a holiday of a lifetime.

The Pite River is flowing through Swedish Lapland and its starts at the Norwegian border, in two large lakes Mavas and Pieskehaure. At Pieskehaure you will also find the largest glacier in Sweden, Sulitjelma glacier.

Its largest waterfall is Storforsen, which has also become the most popular place to visit in Swedish Lapland.

Summer activities:
– Drifting trip
– Visit reindeers
– Rent bicycles
– Rent boat incl. motor
– Fly fishing courses
– Fly tying courses
– Mushroom picking
– Easier survival course
– Hiking with guide
– Fishing higher up in the mountain
– Visit a Sámi family camp
– Visit Silver museum
– Helicopter flight
– Overnight in traditional Sámi tent
– Photos safaris
– Norwegian cross over trip

Winter activities:
– Snowmobile safaris
– Reindeer sledge trip
– Snowshoe hiking’s
– Stalk hunt for capercaillie
– Photo safaris
– Driving ON ice
– Arctic Circles snowmobile safaris
– Dog sledge tours

Groups size around 10-15


Photo: Arctic Charter

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