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Seafood Safaris – When and Where to Go

Photo: Frank-Heuer

Ever wonder why West Sweden’s shellfish ranks among the world’s tastiest? Some say they taste so good because the region’s cold, clean waters allow these delectable creatures to grow slowly as the sweet fresh water seeps inside them. Others – foodies and adventure travelers – are discovering Sweden’s sophisticated aquaculture first-hand by joining Seafood Safaris.

Photo: Foto:Kjell Holmner
Photo: Foto:Kjell Holmner

Spring and summer

Peak time for oysters experiences in Grebbestad, where 90 percent of Sweden’s oysters grow – learn how to fish for and open oysters. It’s also a great time for Mussel Safaris in Lysekil and crayfish safaris in Fjällbacka, too.


Lobster season kicks off on the first Monday after September 20th. Enjoy Lobster Safaris take off from Smögen, and the Koster Islands while it’s time for Mussel safaris in Lysekil and Crayfish Safaris in Fjällbacka.

Lobster safaris continue into early winter, so wrap up warm in a special waterproof suit and set out to sea from Smögen, The Koster Islands or Grebbestad. Head back to shore to tuck into a lobster feast by a roaring fire in a candle-lit restaurant.

Shrimp and Crab Safaris know no season and are available throughout the year.

Photo: Frank-Heuer

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