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Royal Wedding Tour To Stockholm

crownprincessvictoriaFOLLOW THE FOOTSTEPS OF A ROYAL WEDDING is a unique opportunity to witness in person an event of great significance and honour for the Swedish people and country. The Royal Wedding between the Crown Princess Victoria and Mr. Daniel Westling is guaranteed to be a memorable event and the festivities beforehand are set to prepare you for the great day. Plus a comprehensive boat and walking tour of Stockholm’s Ecopark and Royal Palaces including Haga Park, the residence of the Crown Princess, will provide you with a complete and lasting picture of the Swedish Royal Family. Read the full itinerary here.

RoyalPalaceStockholmTRIP LENGTH: 4 days


Explore the romantic Stockholm

Rosendal Palace

Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral)

‘The Grand Tour of Stockholm’s Ecopark and Palaces’ boat and walking tour

This is a fully escorted group trip with English speaking tour leader.


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