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Restaurant Guided Tour In Gothenburg

800px-Kungsportsplats2The Swedish cuisine is currently experiencing a renaissance. The chef´s profession has become fashionable and Swedish chefs have garnered several gold and silver medals in the Bocuse d´Or and the Food Olympics. We are starting to get tourists who travel to Gothenburg in order to enjoy Swedish gastronomy.

180px-Gravlax_on_crackers_with_pepper_and_lemonThe tour includes a visit to three different restaurants where you will be served three courses and there you will be guided through the Swedish cuisine, traditions and raw materials. The guide will also guide you when walking through the lovely city of Gothenburg in between the restaurants. The restaurants where you eat your different courses have in many cases historical backgrounds.

The tour is given by Birgitta Ekesand, an authorized guide in Gothenburg with experience from the Swedish cuisine and Swedish food traditions. For more information contact Travel Gate Sweden.

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Kungsportsplats2.JKungsportsplatsen towards Saluhallen, Gothenburg, Sweden

Swedish Cuisine

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