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Pay for your room with art at Clarion Hotel Stockholm

Clarion Hotel Stockholm started a campaign where artists can pay for their room with an artwork – one artwork, one room, one night.

“My father was one of the artists who in the 70s paid for his New York room with his art. Seeing his work hang at the Chelsea Hotel alongside famous artists was really a fantastic feeling for me as a kid. Now the traditional Chelsea Hotel has closed its doors indefinitely. For me it was obvious that we at Clarion Hotel Stockholm should do something. We are after all a recognised art hotel already,” says Marcus Majewski, General Manager, Clarion Hotel Stockholm in a press release.

The aim is to celebrate those who over the years have shown encouragement to both struggling and established artists. Artist veteran Linda Karlsson and recent graduate from Sweden’s Royal Institute of Art Johanna Nordin welcome you together with the agency Studio Total.

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