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Mountain Climbing In Stockholm Area

The vicinity of Lake Ågelsjön is a beautiful area in Kolmården about 15 km north of Norrköping wich offers granite mountains, nature experiences, massive and deep forests with the lake as a backdrop. Along the north side of the lake there is a string of rocks of varying heights. Most of which are situated only meters away from the lake. There are over 200 prepared tracks ranging from 10 to 40 meters in height. The difficulty is easy to moderate.

During two days, the participants learn the basics of rock climbing as well as abseil and hedging techniques. It is also possible to climb on your own from 40 meters above water.

After the two days the participants gets a document, a green card, certifying that they have mastered the basics of top-rope climbing, and hedging risks.

The climbing instructor is one of Sweden’s top 10 climbers and has climbed all over Norway and Europe. The repertoire is wide – everything from ice climbing and rock climbing to sport climbing and bouldering. Obviously, your instructor masters all the various disciplines.


Day 1: / Basic Rock Climbing
Start at Lake Ågelsjön @ 10.00 hrs The basics of rock climbing Ends approx 17.00 hrs
Day 2:
Start at Lake Ågelsjön @ 10.00 hrs The basics of rock climbing with the possibility to climb on your own Ends at approx 17.00 hrs

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