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  • Lejondals Castle Hotel

    Lejondals Castle Hotel

  • Ulvsunda Castle room

    Ulvsunda Castle room

  • Bro Hof Stadium Golf Course Stockholm

    Bro Hof Stadium Golf Course Stockholm

  • Ulvsunda Castle Hotel

    Ulvsunda Castle Hotel

  • Ullna Golf Course Stockholm

    Ullna Golf Course Stockholm

  • Bro Hof Stadium Course Stockholm

    Bro Hof Stadium Course Stockholm

  • SPA Ulvsunda Castle Hotel

    SPA Ulvsunda Castle Hotel

Let Travel Gate Sweden assist when you want to offer exclusive golf tours in Sweden! During 8 days in Stockholm, play on world-renowned courses combined with experiencing the Nordic culture and food to die for. Non-Golfers will enjoy an equally impressive sightseeing. In the Stockholm countryside there are some of the best courses in Sweden, to combine with a luxury hotel and starred restaurants!

Nordea Master will take place at Bro Hof in the end of May 2016.


Royal Drottningholm Golf in Stockholm








In the Stockholm archipelago there are several golf courses and many of them are situated by the water. There are easy courses and more challenging ones. Choose your favorite course or take a golf tour and play on different grounds every day

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