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  • Göran Assner, Swedish imagebank

    Göran Assner, Swedish imagebank

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    Klädesholmen Island (wiki commons)

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We provide a lot of suggested incentive activities Göteborg for groups in Gothenburg (Göteborg) both in the city, archipelago and the forests with wild nature.
Find exciting incentive activities in Göteborg (Gothenburg) and surroundings, duration from 4-8 hrs e.g:

  • Mountainbike tour with guide – all year round
  • Dark and mysterious: Bastions and the underworld.. 1,5 hrs
  • Tricky driving just for fun 3 hrs on the race track.
  • Wild life & nature safari, easy hiking and Elk stew, full day, 1 hrs drive from Gothenburg.
  • Speedboat to the archipelago island and picnic lunch by the open fire.

…and a lot more for fun, sportive,culture, culinary experiences for groups searching for incentive activities in Göteborg (Gothenburg).

Incentive activities in Gothenburg

R.I.B Safari with lunch / 4 hrs
Starting from the Opera House in Gothenburg we welcome our guests with a small typical Swedish drink. We enter the boats with warm suits and safety belts for an exotic adventure. The Speedboat, R.I.B:s take us to the archipelago for a sightseeing tour. Stop to a catering lunch at the open fire on an islet somewhere. Duration 4 hours.
Guided mountainbike tour / 4-8 hrs
Enjoy a day of mountainbiking during the bright hours of the day. After a go through on our Bianchi Mountainbikes and some safety instructions you are ready to get going. You will cycle in group with a experienced mountainbike guide and get insights on mountainbiking. Leading you through forests and open landscape with lakes or the sea close by. After a few hours we can stop at an outside pick nick with hot chocolate and Swedish cinnamon buns to have a classical swedish combination. Optional is also to stop at a cafe or restaurant.
Be A Jockey / 4 hrs
Meanwhile a chosen few gets dressed up, and jumps in to the sulky to get a lesson in driving a pony, we who remains get the time to bet on the competitor.
This is an event that also takes place in the real race-track in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö.
Driving activity / 3 hrs
Drive to the camp approx 30 minutes outside Gothenburg and changing so that you are properly equipped to play before you throw you into the adventure. Review of the competition rules, team dividing and then start the day´s activities for about 2 hour with. Coffee and bun The Twin-Mobile -Who’s driving the car anyway? Secret car - Do it wrong then you right! The Back Seat driver -A crash-course in communication Three Wheel Car - What a spin!
Dark and mysterious: Bastions / 1,5 hrs
Start to explore the secret bastion in Gothenburg, only possible to enter with an authorized guide. You bring your burning torches into the darkness and get the exciting story - have a drink during the tour. Walking in this area demands good shoes protecting from water. 1,5 hrs

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