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We can assist for an exciting itinerary for a golf round trip in Skåne.  Here is a tour idea between rounds – depending on availability to hotels and golf course this tour is not fixed – but always similar to quality and atmosphere. Most of the greens are green – all year around. The peak season starts in April and ends in October, but normally you can play all year round.

Suggestion for a 8 days of golf round trip

Here is a tour idea ideal to combine with a visit to Copenhagen or continue to other Nordic destinations!

Of course you could adjust this in a lot of alternatives.


Day 1 Arrival Kullen Peninsula
The peninsula Kullaberg is stretching out into Kattegat and at the outermost point sits Kullen lighthouse on the very top. Three golf courses are located in the area including one on to of the Kullaberg hill. Almost all Kullaberg promontories are a nature reserve. The peninsula is also a haven for foodies with four vineyards, breweries, smokeries, food market and local food producers that will welcome you to their home and gems.
Day 2 Helsingborg
Head south to Helsingborg with three golf courses near the sea and city. On either side of the narrow strait of Öresund are two countries that have shared a common history since the Viking times. With its town charter having been granted more than 900 years ago, Helsingborg and its surroundings are steeped in the culture and history of centuries. And you don’t have to go far at all to see a wealth of different sights. To name just two – Hamlet’s impressive Kronborg Castle, just 20 minutes away on the other side of the strait, or Helsingborg’s or Helsingborg’s own royal palace, Sofiero, with its famous park.
Day 3 Lund
Continue south to the old university town Lund and accommodation at city hotel. During your way south to Lund choose the coastal road with a a beautiful view cross the sound with the small Island Ven between Denmark and Sweden. Ven is worth a visit – and has also a golf course. Check in to your hotel i Lund.Visit e.g. Kulturen Open Air Museum and the old university. Before leaving Lund you could visit one of the most attractive cathedrals in Sweden.
Day 4 Ringsjö Lake and Bosjökloster
Take the tourist route to Bosjökloster and the lake Ringsjön. Distance approx 35 km. On the way you will pass Flyinge one of the world's oldest active national studs. King Carl Gustaf X Sweden established it as a Royal Stud almost 350 years ago. Dinner at the hotel in the evening. Alternative; if tee time is late you could visit Malmö and the new harbour district with interesting architecture just in the waterfront. Experience the Turning Torso Building by Calatrava. You will see the bridge to Copenhagen.
Day 5 Falsterbo
Drive South to Skanör/Falsterbo. Falsterbo is at the narrow, extreme south tip of Sweden. Millions of birds from the North (not only from Sweden) have to pass here. During late summer and autumn, you can join the birdwatchers arriving from all over the world to Falsterbo, which is a world-famous flyway for migrating birds. Two month a year it is possible to visit the unique tip, called Måkläppen.
Day 6 Simrishamn
After an early breakfast drive east to the south east corner of Sweden also called Österlen. You can drive alongside the coast almost all the way – beautiful, but it will not be the nearest route.Visit Ale Stenar, Sweden Stonehenge, recently officially declared as a calendar after decades of discussion between different opinions. Ales Stenar is situated on the coast at Kåseberga in the county of Skåne in Southern Sweden, around ten kilometres south east of Ystad. The car park in Kåseberga has information signs giving directions to the monument, located some 700 metres away up on the ridge. From Kåseberga drive on to Skillinge, turn left for Hammenhög and Glimmingehus, Scandinavia's best-preserved medieval fortress. Continue to Simrishamn, and north to the golf course “Lilla Vik”. If you take the tourist route you will pass the nature reserve Hammars Backar, wild beautiful with a breathtaking view. Make a stop and take a walk to the top of the hill. It is also military area so read the signs! The golf course is located near the sea between Simrishamn and Brösarp.
Day 7 Åhus
After breakfast. Visit Haväng, about 10 minutes drive from Brösarp to the beach, the name Haväng means Sea and Meadow. It is a beautiful place, which breathes peace and tranquillity. Recorded by many authors, praised by many poets and depicted by many artists, amongst others Prince Eugene. Drive north to Åhus, where the golf course is located just outside the town. Åhus is an idyllic village with cross-timbered houses along narrow winding streets. Here you find one of our land’s most beautiful old squares with a history from the Middle Ages. At that time Åhus was the seat of the Archbishop. Here lived well-off bourgeois, hard-living knaves, widely feared ship masters and learned monks. Today Åhus is a relaxed oasis in the Skåne east coast. If you drive to the harbour of Åhus you will find the Absolut Vodka Company, by the waterfront.
Day 8 Kristianstad
Drive north to Kristianstad known for the unique wetland surrounding the town. Her you also find a lot of small boutiques and shops, just round the corner near your hotel.The tourist offices in Åhus and Kristianstad are opened until 5:00 p.m. for information about attractions in town and visits to e.g. the wetland. Other suggestions is to drive around the lake Ivö, starting with a visit to the castle Bosjökloster. Kjugekull has a fascinating nature with big rocks, popular to climbers.

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