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Copenhagen Castle Tour

  • Photo: Bob Krist, VisitDenmark

    Photo: Bob Krist, VisitDenmark

  • Photo: Bob Krist, VisitDenmark

    Photo: Bob Krist, VisitDenmark

  • Photo: Nicolai Perjesi Visit Denmark

    Photo: Nicolai Perjesi Visit Denmark

Panoramic Copenhagen castle tour in the countryside

The coach and guide will pick you up in at the hotel for a scenic tour to North Zealand. The tour leaves Copenhagen along the coastal road, also known as the Danish Riviera, passing fashionable resorts and exclusive residential areas.

Copenhagen Castle tour to Frederiksborg Castle

The palace is located on three small islands in the middle of Palace Lake, (Danish, Slotsø), and is adjoined by a large, baroque formal garden Like many others it was built by orders of King Christian IV. Today, the castle is the home of the Museum of National History, the collection which includes priceless paintings, silver and porcelain items, furniture and tapestries. The current building replaced a previous castle erected by Frederick II, and is the largest Renaissance palace in Scandinavia. It is only possible to visit inside if the queen is not staying there herself

We will continue to Helsingör. Upon arrival in Helsingør, you will see the imposing Kronborg Castle. The castle was built, by order of King Frederik II, between 1574 and 1585, to protect Danish interests, not only from potential or actual threats from Sweden, but also to improve the Danish treasury, by levying tolls on the shipping which passed through the narrow straits.

Almost 400 years ago William Shakespeare the play Hamlet – Prince of Denmark, that took place at Kronborg Castle. Shakespeare himself never set a foot in Denmark and yet his play, more than anything else, has served to make the small and charming town of Helsingør – Shakespeare’s Elsinore – famous all over the world.

If time allows it – take some time to stroll around in the little picturesque town center. In the summertime many Swedes use to take the ferry to Helsingør because it only takes 20 minutes from Helsingborg on the Swedish west coast. Helsingor has nice shopping, pubs, historical buildings and nice pedestrian streets.

Suggestion for lunch: From the town center there is a short drive to the hotel Marienlyst beautifully located by the sea with a view to Kronborg and Sweden!
Or one of the old inn located by the sea alongside the coastal road,

Duration: 4 hrs excluding lunch-time
Price: Contact Travel Gate Sweden for rates depending on group size,
Entrances and lunches can be arranged to be paid on site.

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