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Sightseeing Göteborg

Enjoy a panoramic sightseeing Göteborg (Gothenburg) and a visit to the archipelago.

Duration: Approx 8 hrs e.g from 09:00-17:00


Excursion outside Göteborg/Gothenburg / 8 hrs
The tour passes through the most interesting sights in the city, both historical and contemporary.  After our tour in Gothenburg we will continue to the bridge and the island Tjörn for lunch by the waterfront. Tjörn is an expansive municipality, forming part of the Swedish west coast archipelago. The restaurant will serve us a delicious meal from fresh fish captured the same day. Enjoy your lunch and the beautiful view together with a glass of cold beer. After lunch your journey continues to the next picturesque island Klädesholmen. Here we will stroll around by foot to inhale an hour of the sea and archipelago charm  before turning back to Göteborg.


  • Local guide and a coach at disposal all day
  • Lunch in the archipelago

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