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Norway’s Luxury Cabins For Hikers

Rabot Cabin

rabotcabin1High into the mountains in Northern Norway, you find the Rabot Mountain Cabin – the coolest cabin in Norway. With 30 beds, it welcomes hikers from all over the world to a design surprise on top of the mountain.
The cabin opened the doors 16th August, and has already attracted attention from architect junkies as well as sporty hikers, as its unique design resembles more a high-end hotel than a hiker’s paradise.
1200 metres above the sea, surrounded by some of the highest mountains in Norway, the cabin emerges as an architectural oasis in Hemnes – with large windows providing spectacular view of the surroundings, and use of local materials.

The architects Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter have
incorporated the harsh wintery conditions into a visual work of art.
Cabin to cabin hiking trips The Rabot Cabin is one of 500 cabins operated by the Norwegian Trekking Association. All over the Norwegian mountains there are serviced, self-serviced and unserved cabins open to all, and are far more comfortable alternatives to tents yet affordable. The cabins are hugely popular among hikers, and many spend weeks hiking from cabin to cabin.The Rabot Mountain Cabin is open summer and winter, but as it is inaccessible by road, you can only reach it on foot or by skis.

Photographer: Jan Inge Larsen


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