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A real Viking Market

Pfoto: Fotoviken ByalagetThe traditional Viking market of Foteviken will be arranged June 30 – July 2.
This is the biggest Viking market arranged in Scandinavia. In 2005 more than 500 Vikings from 15 different countries participated in this event. Many Vikings arrive already in the beginning of this week. Foteviken mapTo visit this Viking market, is a fantastic experience. You will find a lot of genuine, high quality handicraft products. All modern plastic rubbish is strictly forbidden.

It is the real Viking World you will find south of Malmö at the narrowest part of the isthmus between Hölleviken and Foteviken. The Viking reservation project started in the 80-ies when old settlements were found. Thousands of entusiastic people have been working here to create a real Viking life of the year 1134. With great respect of historic facts all visitors are expected to follow the rules e g alla pigs and bears must be held in leash! And no horne on helmuts.
Foteviken reservation is cooperating with a Viking network around the Baltic Sea, Destination Viking with the object to present the culture heritage of Vikings to the public. The Vikings Exhibitround the world has completed its tour. Though the physical exhibit is no longer available, this virtual one is.

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