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New Viking Museum in Stockholm

Vikingaliv is a new viking museum in Stockholm that will give visitors insight into life during the Viking Age. Learn more about one of history’s most mythical time periods. The main attraction is Ragnfrid’s Saga, an 11-minute long Viking Ride, inviting visitors into a dramatized tale of a family’s life in the 900s.

The exhibition also features a life-size Viking, created using DNA from male bones, dated from the 900s. He was found in one of the oldest graveyards in Sigtuna, Sweden. The findings reveal that the Viking was between the age of 45 and 60 with light-red hair and most likely blue eyes, and calculation of body length of the femurs shows that he was about 179 cm tall.

Vikings have become a hallmark of Nordic history worldwide. But even though interest is great, knowledge is often limited. The goal of Vikingaliv is to become a knowledge hub for everything related to the era and to present this in an exciting and interesting manner.

Vikingaliv opens on April 29, close to the Vasa Museum – also a must-see in Stockholm.
Opening hours and entrance fees 2017:
10 am – 8 pm
Entrance adults SEK 190, children 7–15 years SEK 120. Free entrance for children under the age of 7.
The Viking Ride, Ragnfrid’s Saga, is recommended from the age of 7.



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