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New Sculpture Park In Oslo

Ekeberg View of the Oslo fjord Copyright: Ivar Kvaal, www.ivarkvaal.comEkebergparken, the new sculpture park in Oslo that opened in September 2013 organises guided tours, arrangements and events for schools, private groups, organisations and corporate business. These may include a walking tour of the park to learn more about the areas cultural history, unique nature and recently added art installations. Once here, however, visitors will in addition to the art enjoy the added value of fantastic views over the city as well as beautiful forested parkland steeped in cultural history. Contact for more information and arrangements for groups.

Credit: Ekebergparken / © Ivar Kvaal Credit: Ekebergparken / © Ivar Kvaal Ekeberg0490 Credit: Ekebergparken / © Ivar Kvaal

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