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New Magic Venue In Copenhagen

As you approach the “Koncerthuset”, the new Concert Hall in Copenhagen a fabulous sight greets you. The blue frontage is monumental, yet airy, as if the building had been carved out of the sky.

The frontage is a semi-transparent screen and the images projected onto the vast surfaces create constantly varying impressions which make the whole structure look as if it is in motion, organic and alluring.

DR Koncerthuset has only been open for a week, but has already been acknowledged by the world press. New York Times’ Nicolai Ouroussoff describes Jean Nouvel’s design as “one of the most gorgeous buildings I have recently seen: a towering bright blue cube enveloped in seductive images.

It’s a powerful example of how to mine historical memory without stifling the creative imagination. And it offers proof, if any more were needed, that we are in the midst of a glorious period in concert hall design.”

Photo; Bjarne Bergius Hermansen

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