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New Hotel In Orestad Copenhagen

VM House in Örestad
VM House in Örestad

Construction of the 366 bedroom, 25 floor high, Internationally branded hotel in Copenhagen’s Oerestad district, has progressed much faster than expected.The hotel is therefore expected to be ready in time to welcome some of the many participants at the UN Climate Summit – COP 15 – taking place in Copenhagen in December 2009. The vision is for this hotel to be a future benchmark for, how environmentally friendly and sustainable hotels should be built. The building will meet the requirements for a Danish Low Energy Class II building and also the EU requirements for certified Green Buildings, as renewable energy sources provide all energy to the hotel. Copenhagen Towers extracts their heating and cooling from the groundwater, 100 meters below the surface. All sunny surfaces on Copenhagen Towers will be covered with ultra thin and high technology solar panels.

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