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New Design Hostel In Stockholm

Reception at STF Gärdet HostelOn Sunday 7th July, opened Sweden’s first design hostel – STF Gärdet in Stockholm. All furnishings are Swedish and has been created based on the classic Swedish furniture but in a modern style. The hostel has 53 rooms and 112 beds.Room at Gärdet Hostel in Stockholm All rooms have television, shower and toilet. Some of the rooms are also equipped with minipentry.

The hostel colours are white, red and black. Here are the classic red chairs, black kitchen sofa, sheepskins, white tables, rag-mats and red TVs. The architecture and interior design has been created to be in line with STFs deep roots in the Swedish history but at the same time bring in all the modern elements that today’s guests ask for.

STF Gärdet is located nearby the Frihamnsområdet and Värtan, which is currently one of Stockholm’s most expansive areas. Nearby you will also find the tower Kaknästornet with the restaurant on top.

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